Jan 23 2006

DVR is like Santa Clause

You may not know what I mean by this, but here it is…very random but o well.

Santa knows when you are sleeping and he knows when you’re awake….

Should a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) be able to tell whether you are asleep or awake.

Lucent scientists have filed a patent application for a digital video recorder (DVR) that will detect when the user has fallen asleepā??and will then turn off the DVR. As it turns out, Robert Heinlein had thought about this forty-five years ago.
According to Lucent, “the sleep detector may comprise an electronic camera for forming images of the viewer, and pattern recognition means connected to the electronic camera to monitor the physical condition of the viewer. For example, the pattern recognition means determine whether the viewer?s eyes are open or shut.”
Alternatively, the “sleep detector” may be a device wearable by the user to monitor their physical activity or physiological status. This wearable device could include one or more of the following: an accelerometer, a heat flux sensor, a galvanic skin response sensor, a skin temperature sensor and a near-body ambient temperature sensor.

I don’t agree with this idea even though it shows how technology has advanced over the years. But, my rant is that the DVR will tell if you are asleep or not so that you do not waste electricity. Wouldn’t that be what a “SLEEP TIMER” is on a TV.
That’s it for now, I DONT WANT TO GO ON A RANT HERE…WHAT THE HELL DOES RANT MEAN – Quote from Family Guy š???

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