Jan 29 2006

Call Log – AJAX Knowledgebase Thought

So I was thinking about adding a few ideas into the Call Log Knowledgebase Module. One of the thoughts was when we email the user the knowledgebase article that they requested, to add into the database a timestamp, the article we sent them, a relational link to the problem description and the help desk employee who sent it to them. The reason for this is if they call back with the same issue and the knowledgebase picks up on this article, the help desk employee will be able to know that this is a repeating issue. The knowledgebase link will let the Help Desk employee know that this user has had this link sent to them before.

For example: A user calls saying they can’t get into myPlymouth and we realize that they were disabled. We send them the knowledgebase article for reasons that they could have been disabled. If they call back again with that same issue, we can try and narrow down why it is happening without having to scroll through their call history.

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Timothy Haroutunian

Timothy Haroutunian is a ServiceNow Cloud Implementation Specialist at Acorio. ServiceNow is an IT Management solution that allows for a complete view of your IT and physical environment.

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