Feb 06 2006

Armenian Eagle Origin

Many people asked me where I got the title of my blog Armenian Eagle. The original reason that I chose this domain name and title was because of the two biggest parts of my life. With my last name of Haroutunian, the “ian” at the end symbolizes that I am Armenian and one of the parts of my life is my religion and where I am from. The other part of the name Eagle is simple enough that I am an Eagle Scout from Troop 44 in Cambridge, MA.

That would seem like it was a good enough answer for me to give, however, I realized there may be another possible answer to this “Complex” question. After I googled “Armenian Eagle”, I discovered that the Eagle in Armenia symbolizes royalty.

Armenian CrestArmenia Coat of Arms: of the Third Republic of Armenia was reestablished with slight modifications in 1991 from the original coat of arms of the First Republic of Armenia that restored the Armenian State after nearly 600 years of foreign domination of Armenia in 1918. A shield is held by a lion and an eagle, both symbols of historic Armenian royalty that goes back to the first Armenian Kingdom of Ararat (Urartu) in the latter half of the second millennium BC.

So who knows, I may be some rich Armenian Prince who doesn’t know who he really is, but I DOUBT IT ???

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Timothy Haroutunian is a ServiceNow Cloud Implementation Specialist at Acorio. ServiceNow is an IT Management solution that allows for a complete view of your IT and physical environment.

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  1. Chris

    Also the Eagle represents western Armenia, and the Lion Eastern Armenia. the lower right it lion is for the kingdom of cilicia, in the middle is ararat with noahs ark.the other figures rep, other dynasties or kingdoms.

  2. Jim Dutra

    Hi Tim, Think of the phrase ” It’s never too late.” I congratulate you for making Eagle, ( I never knew). I was there for Keith Allard’s Eagle ceremony but never saw yours. You are undoubtedly the last Eagle Scout of Troop 44. I don’t know why Buddy Bennett never told me. I’m sorry I missed it. Tim, stay proud of both your Armenian heritage and your achieving the highest rank in Scouting. I went to Somerville High with Robert Harotunian, he was a nice kid. He may or may not be related to you but Bob was a friend back then. I worked for Polaroid Corporation for years and another good friend of mine is Marty Boujicanian. I was Marty’s best man at his wedding to Karen. The next time I write to Marty, ( he now lives in Las Vegas ) I’ll include the Armenian coat of arms.
    Take care young man and thank you for making yourself an ‘Eagle of 44’. Yours in Scouting, Jim Dutra

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