Feb 14 2006

Valentine’s Day for Snow Daze

Tonight was the Men’s and Women’s Basketball games against Keene State. First was the Women’s game and that wasn’t the best played game I’ve seen. Every time we would get a shot off and miss, a KSC player would capitolize on it and end up scoring. The final score was 71-54 Keene State.

The Men’s Game was a lot closer and better played game. We came very close at the end, but it wasn’t enough to take the game from Keene. The final score was 65-58 Keene State.

Even though we lost, I thought a while back that PACE and Snow Daze should do something unique on Valentine’s Day for everyone in Plymouth and I thought of Fireworks. After debating, with people on the board, over the pros and cons of Fireworks, I came to a conclusion that I was going to do it. After talking with Tammy Hill, Chief Clark and Chief Mardin, we settled that it was doable.

It was the night of the show and Jack (the pyrotechnician) was waiting on my go to set them off. Right as people got out of the basketball game and we heading to their cars, we were good to go. Jack started lighting them and they were amazing. I couldn’t believe how awesome they were and how many people we gathered around watching them. It was worth what we spent on them.

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  1. Sarah Hilliard

    Dear Raven,
    Are you in love with Devon. your brother cory is broke up with Girlfriend

  2. Taylor Fraiser

    Dear Raven, I always watch your show but I would love to see you in person. Can you bring your tour to Raleigh, North Carolina?

  3. daeja

    Dear Raven, i watchyour show all the time and i was wondering if you can give me advice on how to get a boy to like you back. Because there’s a boy named elijah and he is so cute and on Valentine’s Day i want to give a card that says a peom in it.and i’m giving him a cute gift with the card. so i don’t know what he’ll say about it can you help me?! if you can i will thank you a thousand times.

  4. korey

    dear Dylan, i wanted to let you know that you neeed to have a good valentine’s day and if you need a valentine my sister is needs a valentine’s she has never had one before. I love your shows everyone in fifth grade thinks i am werid but i dont mind because i am popular in some ways well i am very funny just like you my sister is wondering how old you are and were you go to school. my sister wanted me to tell you that to tell cole he is hot with a capital HOT. i was wondering if you will send me one of your skate board for valentine’s day, thank you from your number one fan!!!!

  5. emily

    dear miely cyrus i wish you a great valentines day and you rock your music .i love your shows on disney channel bye from your biggest fan

  6. Melissa

    Dear Cole and Dylan Sprouse,
    I wish you have a great Valentines day. Though I’m not one of those girls who will go all pyscho and scream for the pleasure of you company. So all I want to say is have a wonderful Valentines day. I know what your going through as a child star I dont’ see you guys at all like a star I see you as a person. A person who likes to be liked and a person who is trying to get through your teen life. Well I’m a fan of yours but not like your other fans. See ya and have fun. lol

  7. megan rolf

    dear miley

    i wish you a happy valentines day. you and your music rocks i watch your t.v.shows all the time.me and my friends were thinking that you coud help us with our band. your biggest fan.

  8. Tiffany Cox

    Dear Kyle Massey,

    I LOVE you and your my #1 hottest fan and your sweet and a cutie. Got to go. See YA.

    Tiffany Cox

  9. tiffany

    hannah montana hope you have a great valentines day. im a very big fan. love your show.

  10. tiffany

    Dear Hannah Montana
    Happy valentines day. Im a very big fan. I watch your show all the time and i love it. Please write back.

  11. kylie

    dear hannah montana

    hope you have a great valentine’s day hannah let me know if you come to arizona because me and my brother are your number one fans send me some tickets if you come to south west arena or were people sing like the chetta girls or akon.

  12. faith pentasuglia

    dear miley, I love your t.v. show and I watch it all the time.Your songs are awesome.I have your cd.your #1 fan. Faith Pentasuglia

  13. hannah butler

    Raven,where can I begin I have been watching your TV show 4 ever. I look up 2 you . Your the prettiest girl in the whole world!When you see Chelsea tell her Hannah Butler said HI.
    YOU ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    MY NUMBER IS (814)839-4037 or (814)839-9238 or (814)276-3620

  14. hannah butler

    Miley, u rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted 2 tell u that my name is Hannah.your #1fan

    love ya hannah

  15. hannah butler


    LOVE YA MY NUMBER IS (814)839-4037 CALL TONIGHT FEB.14, 2007

  16. kiki

    Dear cole, I hope you have a grate valnetine day. I realy like you as a actor. When are you comeing to channler? ask dialen hi for me ok. peas don’t write me back ok. I will tipe you evey day i can ok. well when you see milly tell when she come to channler. Tell her to send tikets to me.So I can come to her conuted then tell dialing I realy love him so much.and hive a gaert year tell me when you giys have a new show comeing on. I hope you guys are have fun acoting is it heared to be so famis i wish i can be on the show. Can you ask your derkter if i can be in your show and of couse my bother to. do you have a pet is it a dog yes or no. how your mom doing is she a acoter to or no . do you have a big tv yes or no . Well i do how is ashly tisedaly is she raely a good singer . dose dilen raely like her yrs or no. Well i have a dog and a bouther i it haered to be dailen bouther . Well i have a poster of you and dailen. Isn’t geart that you and your bouther are starts.Wel i got to go i’ll tpy to you torwo ok well see you guys later.Thats a good by well see you by!

  17. hannah butler


  18. kiki

    dear ashley I hope you come to channler if you do can you send some tikets. happy vanletine’s day did you have a great valentine’s yes or no.

  19. jay jay

    dear ashely

    your so hot when i see you i think the sun hit me from the sky!!!
    your ####### 11111111 FAN!!!

    love, your number one fan

    jay jay

  20. jay jay

    dear hannah motana

    your shows are so cool u rock my world.

    do u have a phone and if u do text me at (480) 415-3577

    text tonight feb.14,07

  21. kiki

    dear hanna montna, i hop you hade a gaetr dnfhnfydemfcc fydehdfj nhrh. dgthe suyo fdpojefhiufhiubfiuefh.fb f8ufjhjhc8uferdifuyeow

  22. kiki

    daer hanna,jay jay phone nubber is not craeted this is the right nubber 480-289-1234. so text that ok by.

  23. Mom

    I am giving you a gift

  24. ariel lewis

    dear hannah
    i love you show and your music
    ps pealse call me at 368-3758thank you

  25. ariel lewis

    dear raven:
    i love your show and your music
    i hope to see you in person can you also tell miley the same
    call me some time @ this numba- 368-3758

  26. cheena sims

    dear raven: are you still in love with devon.

  27. cheena sims

    dear hannah: is jackson your real brother.if he is then tell him you need to know about a girl life. and also tell him he is dum.

  28. cheena sims

    dear ashley: ashley are you really smart.if you are then can you teach me some math because math is my favorite subject.and i want to get good at it.if you can teach me contrat me at 313-893-7215.

  29. cheena sims

    dear kyle: kyle you rock with your drums.

  30. Tonya

    hey Ra its me how r u doin im u r biggest fan and i love to watch your show . Is it true that u r pregnant 4 bow wow ?Any ways i dont really care!

  31. adheesha

    hi!cole and dylan. i am adheesha. well ,am a sri lankan. but i just love your show,suite life of zack and cody.you two act good

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