Feb 17 2006

Recycled Percussion for Snow Daze

New Hampshire‚??s own Recycled Percussion came to Plymouth State for an amazing concert in the HUB Courtroom. Today was a very long day for me because I was up at 5:30am because I couldn’t sleep. As the day went on, I gained more stress. At about 2:30pm, my stress level hit an all-time high. Due to the STRONG winds outside, the power went out in the town of Plymouth. Luckily the HUB generates its own power, so we don’t rely on the power company. However, our backup generator died and without backup power, we couldn’t put on the show.

Yesterday when I checked the total number of ticket sales, we were at 23 sold. That scared me because I was afraid that no one was going to buy tickets for this show that I think everyone will love.

After stressing about this for a while, we needed to go pick up all the food for the band, but no place in Plymouth was still open due to the power outage. So with the band coming in about 2 hours, we went on a road trip to Tilton. We got back at 4:00 and the band got here at 4:30 and started setup.

We got the backup generator working properly and the band setup the courtroom for a kick ass show. Vocal Order and Mixed Emotions did their sound check and we opened the doors at 7:45.

The show started out with Vocal Order and Mixed Emotions doing a 10 song a cappella set which was absolutely amazing. Then there was a 5 minute break before my main entertainment started.

Recycled Percussion 2

Recycled Percussion rocked the HUB in ways that I couldn‚??t begin to explain. It was an amazing show that everyone loved.

Recycled Percussion 1

Recycled Percussion 3

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