Feb 20 2006

New Nickel

Matt and I were wondering about the symbolism behind the New Nickel and what the meaning of “Ocean in View! O! The joy!” on the back of the Nickel. This is from the US Mint website

2005 Summer/Fall Reverse Design: “Ocean in view! O! The joy!”

2005 Nickel Reverse: In late 2005, the nickel will feature a scene of the Pacific Ocean and an inscription reflecting an excited entry in the journal of Captain William Clark on November 7, 1805. The design ?? a design based on a photograph by Andrew E. Cier of Astoria, Oregon ?? visually depicts the expedition’s exultation on believing they had finally reached the Pacific Ocean after so many months of arduous travel. View Mr. Cier’s photograph here.The design was created by United States Mint Artistic Infusion Program artist, Joe Fitzgerald, of Silver Spring, Maryland, and was sculpted by United States Mint sculptor/engraver Donna Weaver.

New Nickel, Lewis and Clark, US Mint

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