Feb 21 2006

RFID, Sci-Fi or Reality?

While watching Minority Report a few years ago, I thought how interesting that technology would be to have, but I always thought it was Sci-Fi and it would be a long time before we had the technology to track people like that. About a month ago I was reading Zach’s Blog on his fears of RFID and how they are impacting our lives, NOW. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) rfid-chipis entering our lives if you like it or not.

Right now there are RFID chips on American Express Cards, in products you buy a store like Wal-mart and on your luggage tag telling the airport where you are headed. Soon they will be in Drivers Licences, Cell Phones and even your US Passports. Even though right now, the passport project is on hold, it won’t be long until it is accepted.

While talking with Zach about this, he informed me that with American Express cards, RFID has the ability to buy items just by waving it around a store if the store did not set up their hardware right. They are turning into Speedpasses, but without your permission. However, most stores are setup for passive tags which means that they can not activate the RFID tag without being within a few inches of the scanner.

I was reading an article on Network World called “RFID is really getting under people’s skin” and the FDA (Food and Drug Adminitration) approved the implanting of RFID tags into people’s skin. One of the people who are part of this study is Joseph Krull, a secuirity consultant of San Antonio.

Now officially human No. 1020000000, Krull can access his personal data stored online at VeriChip’s portal and make any changes he wants by using a reader and a PIN code. Krull elected to store his medical information and address, phone numbers, fax and e-mail at the Web site.

I want to know how people can actually agree with this idea. So far, everyone that I have talked to about it is against the idea of people being able to track our personal information through a piece of plastic, never mind, well, a person.

Check back about RFID in my blog, because I am writing a research paper for my Computer Security Class and this is my topic

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