Feb 23 2006

College Wi-fi Cancer?

TORONTO, Ontario (Reuters) — A small Canadian university has ruled out campus-wide wireless Internet access because its president fears the system’s electromagnetic forces could pose a risk to students’ health.

Now, I hope that Plymouth doesn’t agree with this idea because that would make a lot of people mad that they didn’t have wireless anymore, especially me. I disagree with the president’s decision because of the major impact that will occur with removing wireless from students access.

“If you look at the body of science, we’re confident that there is no demonstrable health effect or effects from wireless technology,” said Robert Bradley, director of consumer and clinical radiation protection at Canada’s federal health department.

As an employee of ITS at Plymouth State, I have never heard of a wireless internet signal causing cancer. If they somehow figure that the wireless does cause cancer, every University will see major problems with students outraged from no wireless. Most students don’t see health as a factor if it allows them what they want.

Adam Krupper, president of the Lakehead students’ union, estimated about 1,000 of the school’s 7,500 students have laptops that could pick up a wireless signal, and he said students “really, really” want Wi-Fi on campus.

“Considering this is a university known for its great use of technology, it’s kind of bad that we can’t get Wi-Fi,” he said.

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  1. Matt

    Since WiFi operated on the 2.4ghz band, would that not mean that the othe 1,000+ devices that operate on that band will also give us cancer?

  2. Timothy Haroutunian

    That is most likely true, however I still do not think that it is true but only time will tell I guess.

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