Feb 26 2006

Interesting Night….PHOP what?

So I decided to go to my friendâ??s apt for the night and hang out with everyone that was there and have a fun nightâ?¦for a change. It was snowing a lot and the roads were really bad so I walked completely across campus, long walk I know, to Merrill St. We were having a great time and everyone wanted to order food, so we called PHOP at 10:00pm because Late Night was closed. The roads were so bad that they told us it would be 1 hour. Lets skip ahead to 12:42am, over 2 ½ hours later and our food was arriving. Now, youâ??d expect them to tell us that our food was free, but NO, we had to pay the full price of the food, but we were hungry, so it was worth it. When we opened the boxes, the calzones were burnt and they were cold. So not only did we have to pay the full price, wait over 2 ½ hours for our food, but it was cold and burnt (which is ironic in its own way).

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