Feb 28 2006

Snow Daze Surprise

In the process of getting everything straightened out with Recycled Percussion on Friday, February 17th, I didn’t have the chance to get anything signed from the Band as a souvenir. I was very upset because I spent months putting the show together and I didn’t have anything to show for it.

I went to my PACE meeting tonight and since I am done with everything for Snow Daze, I wasn’t on the agenda, or so I thought. Danielle, President of PACE got to the New Business Section of the Agenda and stated in front of the board that this was for me. I was confused because I didn’t know why. Danielle then mentioned that because I wasn’t able to get a Drum Stick from the performance, that she called up Recycled Percussion and had a Drum Stick signed by all the members of the band and sent to me. I was so shocked at what she had done for me that it actually brought tears to my eyes. I realized how awesome PACE is and how it is a family that cares for each other. She spent the time calling them so that I would enjoy what I really wanted.

Danielle, I love you ???

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