Mar 06 2006

Cop Arrested = Small World

A Massachusetts state trooper from Lancaster was arrested for trying to solicit sex from a 14 year old boy over the internet. However after months of talking with him, they decided to meet, but what the state trooper didn‚??t know was that the ‚??boy‚?Ě he was talking to was an FBI agent.

His wife kicked him out of his house in Lancaster and went to go live with his aunt, in Arlington, MA (my home town). They didn‚??t release his aunt‚??s name at first, but once they did I told my mother and come to find out, my parents know his aunt. I actually fixed her sisters computer last year who is also one of my mother‚??s friends.

His aunt needed to remove her computer from her house so he couldn‚??t access the internet while she was at work. She is a third grade teacher at Brackett Elementary School and the principal told her that they school was not comfortable with him living with her so she kicked him out of her house.

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