Mar 09 2006

Professor ‘Computer terrorist’

“Computer terrorist” Kevin Mitnick is one of the world’s most famous computer hackers and became a cause celebre after breaking into networks and stealing software at companies including Sun Microsystems and Motorola.

He can find George Bush senior’s social security number and Leonardo DiCaprio’s mother’s maiden name in under 15 seconds, and led the FBI on a three-year manhunt as he hacked his way into the world’s biggest firms.

Hackers by definition are not out to destroy data, but for the excitment of actually accessing data they dont have access to. Crackers on the other hand, they are out to use data for evil

He is now teaching others how to not get hacked by people like him. He uses basic human flaws to get that information he needs to access these companies. “Social engineering” is the term that is used in the computer world for this kind of trickery. The Hacker calls up a company and says they are from the IT dept and tells them that there is a problem with their personal information and to verify who they are, they need the employees username and password. Most of the people are going to trust them and give out the information…it is that easy.

You need to be careful about who you give what information to because they may use it for. Don’t give your private information to anyone on the phone or in email unless they have been verified as the person they say they are.

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