Mar 14 2006

New PACE President

So after being on PACE for the past 4 years, we had elections tonight and I was chosen as the New President of PACE for the 2006-2007 school year. I am so excited about next year for all the different opportunities to come.

Good Evening,

Once upon a time there was a princessâ?¦.o waitâ?¦I figured it worked for Danielle, why not try it.

When I started college, what is it now 20 years ago; I wanted to do something that would impact Plymouth State in a positive way, for instance win the Nobel Prize. Well I doubt thatâ??s going to happen anytime soon, but the next best thing was PACE.

This organization has been the driving force behind student planned events since 1970 something and has continued to flourish as the student population grows each year. As a part of PACE, we have been given the opportunity to impact not only the student body, but the University as well.

For those of you who are not familiar with what I have done over the past 4 years, here is a brief overview. When I first joined PACE at the student activities fair my freshman year, I wanted to be part of every committee, but focus on marketing. After about a week of being a committee member, the publicity chair resigned and I was asked to be the new chair. Then the VP of marketing resigned along with the promotions chair putting me in charge of marketing with help from the current president. The next two years I was in charge of the PACE website which I completely redesigned and this past year we won best student designed website at the NACA Northeast Conference.

One year ago I stood before the board stating that I was going to expand my horizons and no longer be the technology chair. Well as you all know, this past year I was in charge of Snow Daze. Programming the events for the week was one of the most exciting and nerve-racking 5 months, mainly because Winter Carnival week had never reached its highest potential over the years. Now I realize that I shouldnâ??t have been panicking planning the week, but since it was my first time in a position like this and the future of the week long event depended my every decision I made, it was an interesting experience

I donâ??t know if anyone knows the etymology of the word president, a “president” is one who presides, who sits in leadership. Originally, the term usually referred to the presiding officer of a ceremony or meeting; but today it most commonly refers to an official with executive powers. Now, I donâ??t believe that to be true in most organizations, especially this one. The president may be officially in charge of the organization, but they do not make all the decisions. The president has a board that he/she relies on to help make decisions that will better the group. The president and the members of the board need to work together and support each other to strengthen the organization as a whole.

One time, when I was in charge of Snow Daze, I was very ill with the flu and couldnâ??t even think straight. Remember it was during the week of Snow Daze and I thought how awful it was that I would get sick the one week that was the most important to me in all the years that I have been with PACE. But what I do remember, was the people who helped me the most when I needed it, the people who put their own personal agendas aside to make sure that Snow Daze ran absolutely amazing. The people who would tell me during the meetings in weeks prior that I planned a great set of events and then told me to go home when I wasnâ??t feeling well, saying that they had everything covered. That shows the intensity of a board and what working together really means and it is that spirit of cooperation that I want to bring to PACE as president.

One of the most important lessons that I have learned is that every time one door closes, another one opens. Last year when I did not get elected president, a door closed, but another one opened. The door that opened, gave me the opportunity to understand the background behind programming an event to the caliber like Snow Daze. To really appreciate all the hard work that each and every one of us puts forth to make this organization one that impacts others. Which ever door is the next to open for me, I will work my hardest to fulfill that position to the best of my ability and with the dedication that I have shown over the past 4 years.

Thank you to everyone on the board who voted for me and believes in me to run the organization. You all rock and for everyone that is graduating, PACE will miss you greatly and you are always welcome back

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