Apr 07 2006

Red Sox vs. Orioles 04-07-06

Clement_04-07-06In the first inning of the game, the Red Sox took a 4-0 and it never stopped. They added on 3 more runs in the second inning to take a 7-0 lead. They didnt get much in the third inning, but they were right back on track in the fourth and fifth adding on another 4 runs for an amazing 11-0 lead.

Clement went very strong for 6 innings and finally gave up runs in the 7th inning. The final score of the game ended up being 14-8 which also included a two run homer for Nixon.

The Red Sox scored a lot of runs this game, but they unfortunately did not hit a grand slam. Last year they lead the MLB in Grand Slams, so I think they need to work on that real soon.

Record (3-1)

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