Apr 07 2006


Numb3rsSo recently I have been talking about RFID tags and how they could become problematic, well I know that this is just a TV Show, but it is so realistic its scary. The TV Show “Numbers” did an episode tonight about solving a criminal case using RFID tags.

A school was attacked by a group of kids who were, pardon the sterotype, computer geeks and big gamers. They developed a Video Game that is an exact replica of their school. Now, these kids were extreme outcasts to the point where they started their own “cult” called the Dark Matter Guild. Normally they got together to play video games, but then they decided to go and kill students all over the school. This school was not like most because it uses RFID tags on their student IDs to track where each student is and whether they are in class when the should have been. Now you can debate all you want about RFID and how awesome it is and the tracking ability and all of the other wonderful features to it, but do people look at the other side of RFID.

Two of the students who were going around killing were out to just do random killing, but there was one who wasnt an “outcast”, who had a real agenda about killing specific students. RFID-PDAShe knew exactly which students she was after and where those students were. She didn’t have to go around searching for her targets, they “told” her without actually knowing. The killers hacked into the schools wireless system to get sensitive materials like the blue prints to the school and where hidden passages were, but thats not what she was after. She was able to use the student ID card’s RFID signal to pinpoint their exact location in the school by entering in their name and the signal would output a dot on her PDA indicating where they were in reference to the blueprints from the school.

Now you want to talk about how people use good ideas for evil, this is a prime example. RFID was meant to track packages that were shipped so it could know its location in the world, but that is not what people are using it for. I posted about RFID in passports and now this episode took place and it backs up what I have been saying.

I really think that people need to be more careful with what they possess for cards. Citizens Bank is apparently sending out new Debit/ATM cards with RFID tags in them. I am still trying to figure out if I am going to need to activate it, but I will have no chance not to in June once my card expires.

Summary: RFID tags are bad when they are not secured enough and people who hack into the system could potentially know everything about me without me knowing. Technology is a great thing, but the people behind everything are not. Be careful what you hold and know what information is being broadcasted out. In some places they have a notice that the place is monitered and recorded, soon they will need to have a notice saying, “This building is monitered by RFID Active Readers”….think about it

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  1. Vasken

    Don’t worry, dude. It’s been well-known, since Arnold Schwarzenegger did it in Total Recall over ten years ago, that you can simply cover your head with a wet towel to fool the RFID tags when the government’s evil agents (or the trenchcoat mafia) decide to pursue you. Fear not the digitial age! You shouldn’t–you’re not doing anything wrong we need to know about, right?

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