Apr 09 2006

Religion and Reality TV

God or the girl
I know the TV market is in reality TV shows, but don’t you think that they have gone too far with this one. “God or the Girl” is about four guys are trying to figure out if they want enter the sacred bond of priesthood while tempting them with beautiful girls trying to stir up emotions and throw them off their bond with God.

Robert Thompson, director of Syracuse University’s Center for the Study of Popular Television says, “The automatic response when you hear this is to think, ‘Oh man, how low can we sink?’.” I agree with him.

They are turning a very special relationship with a higher power into a five part TV series to see if we can make some money off of the fact that a women can affect something this important in someones life. I have to wonder two things: First, are the women getting paid to confuse the guys and then once they fall in love, the girls ditch them. Two, is the Catholic Church doing this to get people back into their churches, because if thats the case than we have other problems in life.

I am not a Catholic, I am obviously Armenian (think about it) which is a Christian denomination, Armenian Apostolic, just so you understand that I am not bashing the Christians, just the Catholic Church. Sorry

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