Apr 10 2006

“24” extended 3 more seasons

24-posterI am so excited about this new development that I found out about tonight after “24”, The show is going to be aired another three seasons according to Fox News.

As part of the deal, Kiefer Sutherland (Jack Baur) will establish a production company based at 20th Century Fox Television to develop original programming, the studio announced Monday. He will also serve as a co-executive producer of the hit drama.

Show Summary: One of the most innovative, thrilling and acclaimed drama series on television, 24, created by Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran. Each episode will cover one hour of real time, and the season‚??s entire story will take place in one day. Once again, viewers will be able to follow several key characters through a day that none of them will ever forget.

This show is the most stressful, addicting show that I have ever seen. It leaves you the edge of your seat every time the hour ends with its famous clock countup to the next hour. If you have never seen the show, I would highly recommend it. For those of you who are gamers and watch the show, make sure you get “24” the game. You will understand why the game is as addicting as the show.

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  1. James

    I must agree, Jack Bauer is like heroin for the senses, he has a way of getting into your veins and have you screaming for more.

    Check out my post on addictions at http://secondepinion.blogspot.com/.

  2. tripple-a boy

    most times i wonder if there could b som1 like jack bauer in a real life sence u know.
    pls do not boda calling kiefer sutherland either bcos jack bauer really fits him

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    […] To expand upon my article on ‚??24‚?≥ extended 3 more seasons, Jack Baur is back for Season 6 along with confirmed characters of Bill Buchanan and Aaron Pierce. […]

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