Apr 17 2006

Red Sox vs. Mariners 04-17-06

57208174TL040_Toronto_Blue_Above Ortiz is watching a ball hit by Loretta, but does he get a chance to hit?

David Ortiz had an amazing game today with 2 HRs, 3 RBI’s, 500th Hit and 125th HR in a Red Sox Uniform. But was it enough to beat Seattle?

So let me tell you about this game that the Red Sox had today. It was a very close game between these two teams until the 9th inning where they took a 1 run lead that they kept til….o wait….no they didn’t keep it.

Here is how I saw the end of the game…..Mark Loretta stepped up to the plate with Kevin Youkolis on first base. Bottom of the 9th down by 1 run and 2 outs. The first pitch was a ball low, and so was the second pitch. Count 2-0. I looked down at the clock and I was running late to a meeting so I left. Can you guess what happened right as I left?

Mark Loretta hits a shot into left field for a 2 run homer for the walk off win.

Score 7-6 Red Sox Win
Record (9-4)

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