May 02 2006

IPv6 – (IP Addresses)

Trivia Question:
What is the World’s Population (approx)?: ________________
How many IP Address are there currenly (approx)?: ____________

World’s Population: 6,611,607,050 (6.6 Billion People)
IP Addresses (v4): 4,300,000,000 (4.3 Billion IP Addresses)

What is the solution to this problem…..Invent a new set of standards. IP Version 6 that is scheduled to come out in 2008, which will change the way that IP addressing currenly works. IPv6 will use Hexadecimal instead of numeric notation. IP addresses currently look like the following: and with IPv6, addresses are set as the following: 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:1319:8a2e:0370:7344

When you use IPv6, there are 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 (18 Quintillion) available IP addresses. When you break it down into how many that allows each person in the entire world over 2,790,000,000 (over 2.7 Billion) IP addresses.

Now this seems like an overkill for IP addresses considering that most people have either 1 computer or even no computer to their name. I have been told that the reason for this is so that we can assign IP addresses to objects like Lightbulbs. That way we can establish when a light is out and can be notified.

Think about this one, what if your car had an IP address, kinda like OnStar and GPS but different. But o wait, isnt that happening in a way…not sure but i’ll blog about it when I find out.

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