May 07 2006

Spring Fling 2006

I want to ask how stupid some people can be during the last few weeks of school. Spring Fling is setup to be a relaxing celebration of another year completed at Plymouth State University; however, some people take it as a time to be stupid.

I watched someone drive down the Russell st in front of my apartment and try to get away from the cops in their car. Now it wouldnâ??t be so bad if they had a fast car and if they knew where they were going, but when you take slow turns using your signal and then take off down the street, youâ??re not getting far.

I am completely against people driving drunk, but if you decide to go that route, don’t be dumb and try to run. It is pure common sense, but it is that common sense that is lacked when you drink heavily.

Even though that was a very interesting to sit there and watch people get arrested after the concert, it is very upsetting that I was not on the Spring Fling Committee this year. For the past few years I have been part of the planning and implementation of Spring Fling and besides PACE, it is the most fulfilling experience to know that you run an event for the entire student body to enjoy.

This year the committee decided to get Rahzel as the MC and Black Violin to open for Talib Kwali.

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