May 31 2006

Sweedish Website Shutdown

The website piratebay.org which was the worlds largest BitTorrent tracker was shutdown this morning by the Sweedish Government. I was talking to Zach about this today and after discussing it, I decided to blog it. The following was taken of the PirateBay Website


In the morning of 2006-05-31 the Swedish National Criminal Police showed a search warrant to Rix|Port80 personnell. The warrant was valid for all datacentres of Rix|Port80 and was directed at The Pirate Bay. The allegation was breach of copy-right law, alternatively assisting breach of copy-right law.

Unlike the US, Sweeden does not have copyright laws that prevent them from running a service to others. Since the site was shutdown, there has been such an uproar about not being able to pirate software, music, games and movies in Sweeden, members of Piratebay formed their own Political Party. The Pirate Bay Party is now running for government office so that they will be able to pirate files. Also since they shutdown the site, the commotion that it caused made the government prepare for the election really soon. Their platform will be to pirate files and the other party’s platform will be non pirated files.

It would be really cool to have Pirates running the sweedish government. We will see what the future holds for Sweeden.
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