Jun 10 2006

PACE Summer Retreat 06

The PACE summer retreat was awesome and I am really excited about the upcoming year. I started out the retreat by playing some games and just enjoying each other while having fun. After that we ate burgers and hotdogs and watched “Saved by the Bell” (yes we are children at heart). Due to it was the end of the work week and I figured everyone was going to be tired, so I planned on letting everyone watch the Red Sox play the Rangers from 7pm until 10pm, but they had other plans. Each committee decideded that they were going to meet in their committee’s and get as much PACE work done as possible. Even though that is not what I wanted, how can a President argue with that kind of motivation. Marketing finished the PACE bulletin board and it looks amazing. It will be ready for the Orientation session on Sunday

Plymouth State, get ready for an AWESOME year full of great events and amazing movies. Absolute PACE.
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  1. lindsey

    ugh im so proud of you. i cant stand it. & im so happy everything is going well so far. call/email me anytime you need any advice. miss you crazy one!!

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