Jun 19 2006

ESPN 360 Flaw

ESPN 360 is a website that when you are using an ISP that is supported by ESPN 360 you can download the software and then watch any sporting event that they broadcast.

There is a flaw in their code that allows you to change the URL and it doesn’t matter what ISP you are using. Vasken and I thought we would have to spoof an IP address to see if that would work or try and connect to my apt computer which is on Adelphia, but no, we just need to have some knowledge of web programming.

This is the code that their site takes you to if you are not on an ISP that is supported

However, Vasken and I discovered just by being educated programmers that if we passed affiliate instead of nonaffiliate that it may skip through and let you access the program to download. The Following is the code you need to enter in a browser (PC, not MAC)

I am blogging about this now and then I am going to send ESPN a notice to let them know of the flaw.

UPDATE: I realized after that there is a problem when you download the application that it still requires you to contact your ISP, but if you use the Web Version, it works just fine – Timothy

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Timothy Haroutunian

Timothy Haroutunian is a ServiceNow Cloud Implementation Specialist at Acorio. ServiceNow is an IT Management solution that allows for a complete view of your IT and physical environment.

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  1. david

    has anyone come up on something like this for nascar trackpass?

  2. Timothy Haroutunian

    Not that I know of, but I will take a look and let you know if I find something

  3. Colby

    Educated programmers finding something else to do rather than what they are supposed to at work. Awesome!! Interesting that is was that easy. Usually flaws like that are caught before release. How long until they fix it, haha.

  4. Vasken

    In response to David’s question, I would wager there is no way to similarly obtain access to NASCAR’s Trackpass. The reason for this is that Trackpass, as a subscription service, requires its users to create a username and password unique to the site. ESPN360.com does nothing of the sort–it is a free service, you can’t pay for it, you just have to have the right ISP. It’s one thing to trick a web page into thinking your browser/operating system is something its not–it’s a heck of a lot more difficult to convince a server you have an account on it when you don’t.

    On the plus side, now you can watch all of ESPN360’s NASCAR coverage online:)

  5. david

    thanks for the prompt responses.

  6. graver1

    Is there any chance you could not tell ESPN about the flaw till after the World Cup. Please, I’d like to watch it online when I’m not at home.

  7. Jessica

    wait, they fixed it? i think it’s still working…

  8. Timothy Haroutunian

    I never told ESPN, however, I found the flaw when there was a temp page up for the new redesign. I am going to be working on finding away around this new Flash site in hopes I can manipulate it and gain access. I will post if I find something.

    The comment from jessica: If you have one of the providers than it will work without any problems, let me know if it does work even if you dont have a supported ISP.

  9. eduardo

    It works here my college (definitely not a supported ISP!)


  10. Timothy Haroutunian

    You were using the link that I provided in this article?

  11. charls

    It doesn’t work. Both links go to the same “your ISP doesn’t support ESPN 360” thing……………..

    Any ideas 🙂


  12. Timothy Haroutunian

    What I am going to do is take a “system screen shot” at my apt which I have Adelphia and then do another “system screen shot” at work which is not a supported ISP and see what information changes. Then try to manipulate the data and see if I can find a way around it. I’ll post what info I find.

  13. stOOsh

    thanks for the tip, i have Comcast (not supported) and this is working beatifully!

    it’s pretty funny how simple this workaround is.

    i got confused at first because your link took me right back to the “view tour” screen with the “your isp does not support” message. i was confused for a few minutes, kept trying, then a light bulb went off in my head and i did it again while holding CTRL to unblock the 360 viewer pop-up! duh. it doesnt work in firefox, as far as i can tell.

  14. Timothy Haroutunian

    so apparently stOOsh is right and it does load while holding CTRL to unblock the 360 viewer pop-up. It is very weird, but it doesnt work in Firefox and that is why I had issues figuring that out because I love Firefox. Props to StOOsh

  15. david

    whats the tip i have comcast and it says that my isp doesnt support it

  16. Timothy Haroutunian

    While using Internet Explorer on a Windows PC, hold down the control key while clicking the link that is in the article above. This should launch another window which is the web application of ESPN 360

  17. Joe

    I think they fixed it,…everything things to work fine,..but when you get there the playlist is empty.

    is anyone watching the US-Ghana game using this flaw?


  18. christian

    i have the same problem as joe.. everything seems to work fine but no video will load.. the 360 screen comes up and says loading/buffering but no video?

    any ideas?

  19. Joe

    does it show “US-ghana” on the playlist?

    all i see is the sample video


  20. christian

    all i see is a video called “the new espn360” … but even that doesnt load

  21. graver1

    I’m seeing the same problem as Christian is seeing. Anyway around this?!?

  22. Timothy Haroutunian

    I am working on trying to establish what is causing that, but I can not seem to find it. I will get back to you

  23. graver1

    Thank you

  24. charls

    Same problem here!!!
    It worked fine yesterday, but today it won’t connect. No playlist, buffering, and nothing.
    Any ideas? Maybe they took it down 🙂

  25. Timothy Haroutunian

    That is a possibility, however, I am not 100%. But for now, I am going to go on that assumption.

  26. some guy

    So, the workaround I found was to use the URL for the stream itself, like:


    Just replace date and country. So far it’s been working for me. Dunno how long it will last. Otherwise, I’ll go back to sopcast.

  27. christian

    ESPN 360 is doing a free view or something.. Went on today and they were showing the match live.. just one click from the front page.. no login needed

    Thank you ESPN.. It shouldn’t be this hard to see/listen to the World Cup. They should have had it on there for free from the beginning.

  28. dianne

    Very interesting & professional site. You done great work.

  29. Marian

    Please help me.

    I cannot see in Holland my favourite sport: Tennis. The ATP Masters like this one in Toronto or next week in Cincinatti are shown in Sport1 but I cannot afford it. I have downloaded TVAnts but they only show ESPN but I never see tennis. Maybe because tennis is shown in ESPN2 and this channel is not on their list?. Is this because they are only channels from Asia?. PPLive has also ESPN and StarSports but after one hour is not yet anything to be seen.

    Will you please help me? Thanks

  30. Nelson

    Does the workaround for ESPN360 still work? The tip previously mentioned recommended (from IE) holding down CTRL while clicking on the link mentioned above. This is suppose to launch the ESPN web application.

    Any confirmation would be appreciated as there’s a college footbal game I’d like to watch this upcoming weekend and it’s only available on ESPN360 and I have Comcast (which doesn’t carry ESPN360)

  31. Timothy Haroutunian

    I can not guarantee that the workaround is still valid because I have not used it in a while. It works for some people and not others. If it works for you, thats great otherwise I don’t know how else to get around it right now.

  32. Sean

    Has anyone found a new way to get around this? My ISP isn’t supported…

  33. i want 360

    On my Mac here at work I’m gettiing a page that says I must install Flash Player. Did that and nothign changed. Suggestions?

  34. Mac

    I have a Macbook Pro and am getting the same Flash Player Installation screen. Bummer, not sure if the workaround is still valid anyhow. Any updates?

  35. Search engine placement

    It would be really cool if I could get this to work.

  36. nick

    how do i get espn360 to work from a wireless internet provider?

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