Jun 27 2006

-451 Degree Computer Chip = Fast

A super-cooled computer chip has shattered speed records for silicon-based electronics, but don’t expect your PC to hum along at 500 gigahertz anytime soon.


The chip ran at -451 degrees which is about 8 degrees above Absolute Zero (-273.15 °C or -459.67°F). I don’t think that I could run my apt that cold to try it for myself. Researchers think that they are able to reach the same speeds while running it in room temp. That would be a very exciting day to run a computer with a 500 Ghz Processors considering not to long ago they started selling 500 GB Hard Drives.

The typical cell phone chip today runs at 2 GHz, while the highest-end PC microprocessors run at less than 4 GHz. John Cressler and a team of 22 scientists and graduate students forged the chip by melding silicon with atoms of the element germanium, a process so fragile that even the tiniest miscue could evaporate their work. It took researchers nine months to invent a new process to clock the chip by injecting liquid helium into a probing station. Scientists can view the process through a powerful electronic microscope zoomed to see the tiny chip, only a few thousandths of a millimeter wide. – Source CNN.com/tech

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  1. Anon

    “The typical cell phone chip today runs at 2 GHz”
    This isn’t correct – cell phone processors normally run at about 500 MHz, but this isn’t even comparable with PC processor speed because cell phones use a reduced instruction set (RISC).

  2. Timothy Haroutunian

    The quotes above are from a CNN article, (now cited) and I believe that they were thinking of a wireless landline phone which the frequency on that now runs on average 2.4ghz (completely unrelated). Thank You for the comment

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