Jul 19 2006

Amanda Congdon & BisonBoom

After writing about Rocketboom Unboom, I unofficially found out through Matt at Borkweb.com and Zach at nosheep.net that Casey Bisson, registered the Domain bisonboom.com

Is this going to be Amanda’s Secret project? Will Rocketboom go under and is Bisonboom going to “Take Off”? Not sure if this is for real, but it will be awesome if it is because we want Amanda back blogging. Only time will tell, or Amanda will.

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  1. Colby

    I’d really like to see Amanda in another video blog. I hope this isn’t just a rumor. I’ve enjoyed MaisonBisson for a long time…I think BisonBoom is gonna be sweet. It’s wierd that there is nothing up on MaisonBisson yet. I’d expect atleast a response to Matt releasing the logo.

  2. stefany

    i like all disy channle and tp hanna you are very pritty and zack and cody i love your show to the manger of that’s so raven i love the show and to raven i love how you act and my little brother said that you are hot and cute

  3. vgbiwpjkxi

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  4. Vassilios


  1. Alcibiades Would Never Blog. » Blog Archive » Amanda Congdon and Casey Bisson to form a new Rocketboom?

    […] In a move that’s already sent the geekier corners of the web abuzz, Casey Bisson, the owner of the popular blog MaisonBisson (www.maisonbisson.com) recently purchased the domain name of bisonboom.com, causing some bloggers (such as Zach at NoSheep.net and Tim over at ArmenianEagle) to speculate about the emergence of a sequel to the popular Rocketboom.com video blog. Rocketboom, a site co-run by Amanda Congdon, has enjoyed a relatively successful run, featuring a 3-minute story filmed, produced, and uploaded daily to the blog. Recently, it seems that Amanda has stepped away from the project, but hopefully the exciting logo of a bison riding a rocket, created with aplomb by Matt at Borkweb, will entice her back to the world of websites with -boom suffixes. After all, who can resist the alluring call of the thundering beast whose magnificent silhouettes once thundered across the Western plains by the thousands. […]

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