Jul 20 2006

DOM Scripting with hijax

I was reading the blog of Jeremy Keith, author of the book, ‚??DOM Scripting: Web Design with JavaScript and the Document Object Model‚?Ě and I really enjoyed his views on AJAX in which he calls Hijax

The way he explains AJAX is better than I have seen anywhere else that I have looked because it makes the most sense.

Begin with content
Mark up the content in a semantically meaningful way (X)HTML
Add a presentation layer CSS
Add a behaviour layer DOM Scripting

Basically, he says that if you are going to use AJAX, it should be the last thing that you do to an application. When I first read this, I was confused because of the way I thought about using AJAX, however, once I realized what he was talking about, it all clicked.

If you use AJAX, you want to degrade gracefully meaning if JavaScript is disabled on someone‚??s computer, your application should still serve a purpose. This way you are filling the needs of those who are not so technologically advanced and have a browser that doesn‚??t support JavaScript.

If written properly, here are some of the benefits of using hijax

No need to spend time and resources building a non-Ajax version.
No duplication of logic (e.g. form validation).
Keeps your application logic on the server.
Keeps your JavaScript file size down.
Links are spiderable and potentially bookmarkable.

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