Jul 23 2006

Domain Name Fame

rick-howardRick Schwartz (left) is the Domain Name Kingpin as he has been called by others. Rick Schwartz buys Domain Names and sells them for big money.

When you think Real Estate hot shot, Donald Trump comes to mind, but that era has ended for him. Who wants to own physical property when you can own digital property and make just as much. Rick Schwartz owns about 5,000 domain names and most of them fall under the “Adult” category. He has been the biggest promoter of Domain Name Buying and also the man behind the annual conference “Traffic” bringing together a few hundred domainers (people who buy and sell domain names).

Yun Ye got domainers noticed when he sold his portfolio of 100,000 domain names that make $19 million in profits a year. Ye, a former programmer, wrote software that would figure out which domains were expiring and automatically buy them.

ICANN (Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers) is the group that is in charge of all of the domain names out in the internet.
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