Aug 15 2006

Facebook API for Developers

Facebook has become a huge aspect in many college students lives just like myspace is, but Facebook is specific to Universities. Facebook just came out with an API for their site so developers can create their own applications for Facebook and external entities that use facebook to communicate with.

After reading up on it, I decieded to create a service on the PACE website that grabs photos off of our facebook account and parses them into photogallery on our website. I would then like the ability to do other fun stuff to try and get students attention about PACE and to get involved.

Stay tuned for more information about what new features I am going to implement not only on the PACE website, but as a developer

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Timothy Haroutunian

Timothy Haroutunian is a ServiceNow Cloud Implementation Specialist at Acorio. ServiceNow is an IT Management solution that allows for a complete view of your IT and physical environment.

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