Aug 23 2006

Armenia, Trip Inventory

June 21, 2001 to July 12, 2001: I traveled to Armenia as part of a government funded program as an Ambassador of the United States to teach computers to students and teachers.

CYSCA is a partnership between the citizens of Cambridge, Massachusetts and Yerevan, the capital of the Republic of Armenia.

The Goal of CYSCA:

To foster friendship, mutual trust and dynamic interaction between the peoples of Yerevan and Cambridge as well as their neighboring regions; to build links between them, to promote public awareness of issues of mutual concern; and to appreciate and accommodate the various manifestations of diversity in these communities.

A few weeks ago I was going through papers at home and stumbbled across my flight itinerary from the trip and noticed a slight flaw in the paperwork. This piece of paper was printed February 2001 and I just noticed it over 5 years later. The following is a scanned copy of the original papers.

Now the distance between the Republic of Georgia and Yerevan, Armenia is 112 Miles but the paper tells me that it will take 68 hours and 6 minutes to get there. Either they screwed up on the total flight time or they screwed up with the fact that I was not taking a flight but rather a mule.

I may blog about other parts of my trip, but thats for a later time.
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