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Sep 29 2006

Google Earth Bigger, Better

In the newer version it looks more like this Download Windows Version Now Download MAC Version Now New Features – embedded Navigator interface (top-right, overlaying the 3D view) – Localized client to French, German, Italian, Spanish – Textured 3D Model files can be loaded (Collada XML file format) – Layers: new Core/All/”Now Enabled” views – Full screen mode now allows searching (use F-11 on the PC) – Press the ‘/’ key to access Search from full screen mode – Scale Legend – Full resolution imagery across entire screen – Terrain quality preference setting – Improved Garmin GPS device support – Toolbar (replaces navigation panel previously shown below the 3dview) – Diagonal arrow-key navigation (up arrow + left arrow simultaneously) – Tristate checkboxes in Places/Layers folders – Improved messages for login problems – Redesigned properties dialog – Region based loading, allows for “Streaming KML”(tm) layers – Level of detail (LOD) control via KML – Radio button folder items (available via KML only) – Hidden folders, won’t uncollapse when item is selected (available via KML only) – Network links respect on-expire headers – mechanism via KML+NetworkLink – Improved cut/paste of KML to/from text editor – Menus have been reorganized with new names, locations and shortcuts armenia, earth, google, google earth, images, yerevan, yerevan armenia

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Sep 27 2006

IPOD Hard Drive Small…SM ALL

Cliff brought in the Hard Drive from his IPod to show off to everyone and I took a picture with my phone to show the difference in size. hard drive, harddrive, ipod, small ipod

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Sep 21 2006

David Ortiz Hits Record 51 (52) HR

David Ortiz hit his 51st home run of the season on the first pitch he saw from Johan Santana, breaking the Red Sox record set in 1938 by Jimmie Foxx. big papi, bosox, boston, david ortiz, fenway, foxx, jimmie foxx, ortiz, record, red sox, santana, sox, twins

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Sep 20 2006

O Captain My Captain, V-Tek

Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek caught his 1,000th game on Tuesday night against the Twins. Here is the Home Run that Fisk hit during Game 6 of the 1975 World Series in the bottom 12th to take the series to a 7th game. 1000 games, 1975 WS, carlton fisk, catcher, fisk, jason varitek, pudge, red sox, v-tek, varitek, vtek, world series

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Sep 19 2006

Near, Far…Frisbee to the Face

During the summer, work had a BBQ on a lake in NH for the day where we got to hang out with people that we work with in a relaxed environment. far, frisbee, frisbee to face, grover, kids, near, sesame street, summer

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Sep 18 2006

Unix “Diff” Command

Needing to compare differences in the files, Zach told me about the “Diff” command in Unix which allows you to compare two different files and it will inform you of the changes.

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Sep 16 2006

Red Sox vs. Yankees 9-16-06: Game 1

The bottom of the Inning came a 1,2,3 inning for Beckett. Luckily Damon grounded into a 4-6-3 Double Play to end the inning but the Yankees put a two spot on the board in the second Third inning wasn’t anything big to report, a quick inning.

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Sep 15 2006

Microsoft – Retirement Crash

From DOS to Windows 98 to his retirement, Bill Gates remains the richest man in the world. 🙂 WINDOWS 98 Presentation Retirement Tribute bill gates, microsoft, gates, windows, windows 98, retirement

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Sep 11 2006

Moment of Silence & Poem

I Saw An Eagle Cry Today I saw an eagle, With a teardrop in his eye. Gilbert 9-11, 9/11, america, crying, eagle, eagle crying, memory, nation, sept 11, September 11, survive, twin towers, world trade center

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Sep 09 2006

Armenian Alphabet

Upper CaseLower CasePronunciation Ա ա Ayp Բ բ Pen Գ գ Kim Դ դ Ta Ե ե Yech Զ զ Za Է է Eh Ը ը Ut Թ թ T’oh Ժ ժ Zjey Ի ի Ini Լ լ Lune Խ խ Kheh Ծ ծ Dza Կ կ Gen ? հ Ho Ձ ձ Tsah ? ղ Ghat ? ճ Je ? մ Men ? յ Hee ? ն Nu ? շ Sha ? ո Voh ? չ Ch’a ? պ Bey ? ջ Chey ? ռ Ra Ս ս Seh ? վ Vey Տ տ Dune Ր ? Reh ? ց Ts’o ? ? Hune ? ? Pure ? ? Kay ? ? O ? ? Fe alphabet, armenia, armenian, armenian alphabet, Catholicos, st mesrob, st mesrop, st sahag

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