Sep 19 2006

Near, Far…Frisbee to the Face

During the summer, work had a BBQ on a lake in NH for the day where we got to hang out with people that we work with in a relaxed environment. While in the lake playing Frisbee, a guy I work with (no names mentioned) decided that he would throw it at me from about 3 feet away from me. Now that wouldn’t have been a problem, however it was on its vertical axis making great aerodynamics going through the air until it nailed me in the face. The Frisbee shattered into 5 peices on my forehead leaving a giant egg and a black and blue.


Now, this is not the same object that I was hit with, but it was most likely the same speed and direct contact as this kid got. I also didn’t cry, but did it hurt.

After I asked the person who threw the Frisbee if he realized how close he was to me and he responded by saying yes, but I didn’t think it would hit you that hard. So here is a lesson for people on the difference between NEAR and FAR.

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