Oct 10 2006

Campfire Songs Part 1

The following are songs that I would sing around a campfire while at Boy Scout camp and these are some of my favorites. Going to Boy Scout camp during summers was not only a great experience but a lot of fun. If you don’t agree with me, I respect your thoughts but that is why this is my blog and not yours.

Dem Bones
The lord he thought he’d make a man.
(all sing DEM BONES GONNA RISE AGAIN! after each line)
So he made Adam accordin’ to a plan.
Thought he’d make a woman too.
The Lord didn’t know just what to do.
– Chorus

I know it brother, I know it brother
I know it brother, Dem bones gonna rise again.

Took a rib from Adam’s side.
For to make Miss Eve, his bride.
Put ’em in a garden wide and fair.
Told ’em to eat what they found there.
– Chorus

Peaches, pears, plums and such.
Dem bones gonna rise again
One day Miss Eve was walking around
Spied that tree all loaded down.
– Chorus

Serpent crawling around that trunk.
At miss Eve, his eye he wunk.
Eve, she just took a little pull.
Then she filled her fig leaf full.
– Chorus

Adam, he just took a little bite.
Said ‘um um woman that sure am nice.’
One day the Lord was walkin’ around.
Spied them peels all over the ground.
– Chorus

The Lord cried out in his mighty voice.
That shook the heavens to the joists.
Cried, ‘Adam, Adam, Where art though?’
‘Here I is Lord, I’s comin’ now.’
– Chorus

‘Adam, Adam, did you eat these?’
‘No massa Lord, I ‘spect it was Eve.’
Then the Lord rose up in his might wrath,
Said, ‘Ya’ll just beat it down the path.’
– Chorus

Put an angel at the door.
Said, ‘Ya’ll don’t come ’round here no more.’
Eve took the needle, Adam took the plow.
That’s why we’re all working now.
– Chorus

To this tale there ain’t no more.
Eve got the Apple, and Adam got the core.
– Chorus

Six Pence
I’ve got six pence, jolly, jolly, six pence,
I’ve got six pence, to last me all my life.
I’ve got tuppence to spend, and tuppence to lend,
And tuppence to send home to my wife (poor wive).

No cares have I to grieve me,
No pretty little girls to deceive me. (what i need is a shower to relieve me)
I’m happy as a lark believe me, (I’m happy as a lark, blowing bubbles in the park)
As we go rolling, roling home.
Rolling home, rolling home,
By the light of the silvery moon.
Happy is the day when the staffman gets his pay, (Hey!) (…when the staff can hit the hay)
As we go rolling, rolling home.

I’ve got four pence, jolly, jolly four pence.
I’ve got four pence, to last me all my life.
I’ve got tuppence to spend, and tuppence to lend,
And no pence to send home to my wife (poor wife).

I’ve got tuppence, jolly, jolly tuppence.
I’ve got tuppence, to last me all my life.
I’ve got tuppence to spend, and no pence to lend,
And no pence to send home to my wife (poor wife).

I’ve got no sense, absolutly no sense.
I’ve got no sense, to last me all my life.
I’ve got no sense to spend, and no sense to lend,
And no sense to send home to my wife (poor wife).

Scout Vespers
Softly falls the light of day,
As our campfire fades away.
Silently each scout should ask:
“Have I done my daily task?
Have I kept my honor birght?
Can I guitless sleep tonight?
Have I done and have I dared,
Everything to be prepared?”

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