Dec 11 2006

YouTube Videos for Verizon Customers

verizon_youtube.03With the ability to upload videos to YouTube directly from your cell phone, maybe the company’s new tagline will be “Can you see me now?”

An arrangement has been made with with YouTube and Verizon Wireless that VCast Subscribers will be able to watch a limited section of YouTube videos and be allowed to upload videos from Verizon Cellphones. Verizon customers would need a specific phone and pay a monthly fee of $15 or a $3 daily fee.

This deal was obviously just signed to tie YouTube into the biggest cellphone provider in the country. I do not think that making VCast subscribers who already pay money for the VCast service should be asked to pay more to view “free” videos from YouTube. Since YouTube was bought for $1.65 Billion, they should be able to afford the cost of setting Verizon up with this service. If this deal was big enough, Verizon would give a little of the profit from VCast to YouTube .

“We are excited to launch our new mobile service and to partner with Verizon Wireless to bring YouTube videos to a new audience,” said Steve Chen, cofounder and CTO of YouTube. “This service offers our community and Verizon Wireless subscribers a new opportunity to connect and engage with their favorite videos. We will continue to roll out more exciting partnerships and features for the mobile user over the coming year.”

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