Dec 16 2006

Changing Playstation 2 DVD Password

Apparently my instructions were vague and thanks to reader Hans, he gave me a better set of instructions.

  1. Insert a DVD Movie into the PlayStation®2.
  2. You should receive a message informing you that the Parental Level has been set, and asking if youâ??d like to allow the disc to play. Highlight “Yes” and then press the X button.
  3. A new window will appear asking you to temporarily change the Parental Control to a different level. Again, highlight “Yes”, and then press the X button.
  4. Another window will appear asking you to enter your Password. Above that window are numbers (0-9).
  5. Do not enter your password, but instead, press the select button on your Controller. This will change the text in the window from “Enter Password” to “Delete Password”.
  6. Using the numbers above the window, input 7444. If successful, you will receive a message stating “Deletion Complete”.
  7. Press Select. You will now be asked to register a new password. Please select a four-digit code of your choosing.
  8. You will be asked to confirm your password selection by inputting the same code once again. If successful, you will receive a message stating “Registration Confirmed”.
  9. Now you need to turn off the password altogether. The movie should have started playing by now. Press select and chose Setup. Go to the parental control “tab” and set the level to “off”.
  10. Now you should be able to watch any movie.

Old Instructions
I was trying to find out how to change my Playstation 2 DVD Parental Control Password since I am the only one who uses it. I found a resource that explained how to accomplish this.

  1. Insert DVD into Playstation 2
  2. When the “Enter Password” screen appears, press the select button
  3. Enter 7444 as the password to reset (7444 is the default by Sony)
  4. Next, enter a new password
  5. Confirm new password

That is all….So easy

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  1. jon g

    Sorry, can’t get the ps2 to operate with the 7444 or 9999.
    Can you help. Also tried to hold the X button then the numbers, still no help.

    What can I do?

  2. jane

    thanks! we’ve had a ps2 for awhile but couldnt play movies on it because we didn’t know the password. this has been such a big help!

  3. Summer

    well i have tried 7444 i tried the different ways you guys have said to do it but i just won’t work for me what else can i do

  4. Charles

    I found that my password was to be 0000

  5. lee

    wicked nice and easy thanks for the help

  6. diru_kun

    awesome thankxx..
    this was an great help for me
    thank you..

  7. naomi

    Thank you so much for this info! My husband tried FOREVER to find out what the password was. I find this info and in less than 1 minute, it was fixed! Thank you again!

  8. Steve I.

    Awesome advice! I had gotten so frustrated trying to find the password that I was ready to smash the PS2! Now everything is great! No problems watching DVDs! Thank you!

  9. mitch1099

    i tried 7444 and it didnt work but i have the first model and 4777 is the universal code for it so if 7444 dosnt work try 4777

  10. Jason

    I’m having the same problem as Frances above:

    I followed steps 1 thru 8 just fine. I have gone to the Setup icon and scrolled to the Custom Setup tab. In that tab is lists Pause Mode and Parental Control. I scroll down to Parental Control, but the text is grayed out, and I canâ??t select it in order to turn it off.

  11. Xaos Bob

    Okay, a missing component I only figured out after a lot of searching and fiddling around–

    At Step 9, you have to STOP the movie, then press STOP one more time (to totally stop the movie and prevent Resume function) before the Parental Control setting will highlight and let you change anything.

  12. Jack

    Thank you sooooooooo much!!!!!! This has been a bigggg help!!!!! Thanks Again!!!!!

  13. chahid

    thanks, that was easy and helpful

  14. the warior

    cari paswood the warior ps 2

  15. leslie

    i need to get be password

  16. leslie

    i like it

  17. Raj Perumalla

    Thanks, you’re the man. saved me money buying a dvd player

  18. polkadotmama

    Thank you… You saved me $29.99 to go to a video game retail store to have them re-set my ps2

  19. james perkins

    i want to thank u for the step by step instruction this site help me out better and got into every step and made it very helpful i want to thank u very much

  20. Brandon L.

    Thanks alot for the info. Easy instructions and easily done.

  21. Jonathan Sanchez

    Why doesn’t the 7444 code work for me? I followed the steps and it still tells me invalid password.

  22. Jake

    I sincerely thank you! Worked like a charm!!

  23. Jeff

    You are the man. Thank you, bought it 2nd handed

  24. Mike

    Excellent! Just what I needed to know. Make sure you stop the movie after entering the new code. Then you can hit select and turn the Parental Control OFF totally. Thanks Xaos Bob!

  25. Waffle

    I can not thank you enough. I’ve been fiddling with this forever. This worked for me. So grateful!

  26. Arielle

    Thanks Man, My mom forgot the flippin password, it took me years til now to unlock the mofo. THANK THE UNIVERSE FOR THE INTERNET. ^_^

  27. Crack Whore


  28. tim

    i have tryed all the codes on here and none of them work !!!!

  29. WSM

    Thanks much!!!

  30. Amanda Mattingly

    Thank you so much this really helped! My mom had set it to level one when I was a lot younger and now I’m 24 on my own trying to watch The Internship on my ps2 since my blu ray player remote is messed and it wouldn’t let me watch it!! Thanks to your post I now can 🙂

  31. Gloria Cater

    I am not very handy with any game system, since I don’t play. My husband and kids play, but somehow I’m the one everyone turns to when there is a problem with anything electronic. So, I attempted to use the “7444” delete code today. It kept saying I had an incorrect code. Later, I realized I had pressed the ” X” button not “SELECT”. I put a DVD in to begin the process and it played!

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