Dec 17 2006

“Hack This Site” Founder Convicted

Jeremy Hammond, founder of “Hack This Site” was convicted in September for hacking into the ProtestWarrior.com’s database with a reverse PHP shell, and getting a list of credit card numbers that totalled into the thousands. He was sentenced to 24 months in federal prison, followed by 3 years of no contact with HackThisSite.org, similar sites, or anarchy related groups in the Chicago area.

I will neither confirm nor deny what actually happened, but I will say that he will be missed, and definitely welcome back at any time. I plan to personally keep the site up indefinitely, just for him.

He wants to continue working on the zine that we release every several months, including the one that is planned to be released later this month. He also wants to continue writing for it while doing time. I’ll post another news post when we have the specific details of who can send what, and where, and..

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