Jan 09 2007

WordPress project to let users express new “Ideas”


WordPress is the blogging software that I use and absolutely love. They keep expanding upon the features and it is very easy to use. Currently, they working on version 2.2 and would like to invite users to submit Ideas to them for possible entry into the next version which is coming out in late April. Other users will vote on these entries and the most popular ideas will get added into the next version.

…However, just because what we??ve done has worked in the past doesn??t mean it??s the best for the future. We have to take a self-critical look at assumptions we have about our development process and WP itself. The upcoming release, which has been long coming, is a perfect time to focus on WP??s secret ingredient? you.

If you could add anything in the world to WordPress, what would it be? If you could name the thing that frustrates you the most about WP, what would that be?

Add an Idea of your own

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