Jan 14 2007

24 Day 6: 6am – 7am/7am – 8am

Possible Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

jack_baur_hurtThe new season of 24 started today and the first two hours were very exciting. After terrorists of middle eastern decent attacked major cities all over the country, CTU got a call from Abu Fayed who worked for Hamri Al-Assad, and said that he would give the location of Assad if he was given Jack Baur. At the end of Season 5, Jack was taken by the Chinese to a camp to be beaten. Wayne Palmer, President of the United States and former President David Palmer’s brother, made a deal with the Chinese Government to release Jack to them. Once CTU recovered Jack, Bill Buchanan asked him to sacrifice himself and die so that the bombs will stop.

When they gave Jack to the terrorists, they took him to an undisclosed location that CTU could not track. As Fayed was torturing Jack, they thought he was unconscious and gave the coordinates to Assad’s location. After he hung up, Fayed informed Jack that he was the man in charge of the bombings not Assad. Jack pretended to be dead and bit one of the terrorists until he died. He escaped and called CTU to tell them to call off the bombing of Assad’s house. President Palmer did not listen to Jack and continued the attack.

Meanwhile, a family is helping a neighbor by allowing him to stay at their house because the FBI thinks that his father is a terrorist. However, it turns out that Ahmed Amar (Kal Penn) is in fact the terrorist. He is asked to deliver a package by Fayed. When another neighbor tries to attack him, he pulls out a gun and kills him. Then takes his “friend” Scott Wallace hostage and holds a gun to his chest. That is all that we know right now about Ahmed Amar.

Jack went to the location of where Assad was hiding to convince him to leave the house. Jack and Assad get out of the house right as it is blown up and survive. They get a lead from one of Fayed’s associates that there is going to be a bombing on the metro very soon. Jack and Assad go to the metro to find the suicide bomber and Jack follows him on the train. As he is going to blowup the train, Jack stops him and finally kicks him out of the back and he blows up which saves many lives.

As the episode ends, CTU informs President Palmer that it was Fayed behind the bombings and that Jack was right. Assad then calls Jack and heads towards him by Union Station and Jack tells him to follow the other bomber because it is their only lead to Fayed.

Episodes Three and Four will air tomorrow night at 8pm on Fox – Check it out

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