Jan 15 2007

24 Day 6: 8am – 9am/9am – 10am

Possible Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Milo - 24 Season 6Jack and Assad meet up and follow the other associate that will hopefully lead them to Fayed. Fayed then called President Palmer telling him his demands which were to put 100 “Freedom Fighters” on a non military plane to head out of the country. Jack calls CTU to get satellite access.

Amar took Scott and his family hostage after killing the neighbor, Amar told Scott’s father to take the package to the drop location and he will receive further instructions. Meanwhile, Jack and Curtis follow Assad and the terrorist hoping to find Fayed. The terrorist was hit and instead of talking, he killed himself with a grenade.

Since they couldn’t get a lead to Fayed, President Palmer had to send the 100 men in the air. As they were loading the plane and about to take off, they found the connection to Fayed. Hasan Numair, the terrorist they were trying to release him so that he will use a nuclear device. They tried to get him off, however, he was hiding in the bus bathroom and one of the guards freed him.

Curtis has a problem working with Assad and Jack calls CTU to do a background check on them. Hasan Numair showed up with Fayed and they started setting up the nuclear weapon. President Palmer comes to an agreement with Assad and brings him into the team. Ray Wallace brought the device to Fayed that was given to him by Amar. Ray’s wife called the police and they got him in touch with Jack Baur who she informed about the situation.

Jack and Curtis take a team to the Wallace house where Amar is keeping Scott. They bust down the door just as Amar was going to kill Scott and they shot Amar. They wanted him alive so they could get the address of where Ray took the device. Scott told Jack what he knew about the location and they sent a team over there.

They formed an attack team to go and take the nuclear device. Chloe found the connection between Assad and Curtis. Jack found Curtis about to kill Assad and Jack begged Curtis to let Assad go. Curtis couldn’t do that and Jack shot him in the neck and killed him. Jack then started to cry and told Bill that he couldn’t do it anymore. The attack team went in shooting and the the terrorist was able to set off the nuclear bomb. The mushroom cloud formed as Jack watched the cloud go up since he wasn’t that far away. The President told every branch that they have the full backing of United States resources. However, that is not the end…there are four more bombs ready to be detonated.

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