Jan 20 2007

“Wikia” is Webtacular

wikiaFounded in 2004 by Wikipedia owner Jimmy Wales as Wikicities, it’s an online community of web pages. It was renamed Wikia in March of 2006, the name Wikicities has often caused confusion, with many people believing it was a site for city guides rather than wikis about any topic. When the change was made people wanted to fund the project.

Wikia covers a broad range of topics; most widely-scoped community projects are accepted, with the exception of ideas that compete with the Wikimedia projects, which the Wikia founders are heavily involved in. Wikia requires all content to be licensed under one of many free content licences, such as the Creative Commons Attribution and Attribution-Sharealike licences or the GNU Free Documentation License. Wikia also has some crossover with Wikipedia, with the communities of Wikia being linked on the relevant Wikipedia article in many cases.

I heard about Wikia when I stumbled upon the site for the TV Show 24. I was able to get user information by users of the site. For Instance, they had the time line for how the show plays out over months and years but they also had a time line based off of flaws in the show meaning dates on IDs and other interesting facts that most people don’t pick up on and therefore don’t know. Check one out for yourself…

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