Jan 21 2007

Trot Nixon signs with the Cleveland Indians

33-46135-FIn the last 10 years and almost 1000 games with the Boston Red Sox, Trot Nixon became a very big name and number in the Red Sox organization. Number 7 controlled the right field and the “Pesky Pole” for the longest time in Red Sox history, however, that is no longer the case. On Friday, Trot Nixon signed a 1 year deal with the Cleveland Indians for 3 million dollars. He is no longer number 7 though he will be number 33 which was Trot’s High School baseball number.

A hardnosed player who isn’t afraid to run into walls or dive for balls, Nixon has exposed his body to injury and paid the price. He missed all but 48 games of the ’04 season because of a herniated disk in his back and a strained left quadriceps, a month of ’05 because of a left oblique muscle strain and more than a month of ’06 because of a right biceps strain and ensuing staph infection on his elbow. “Sometimes you run into those situations,” Nixon said. “For any hitter, the time you spend away from the game, batting practice and facing live pitching, you’re going to lose a little bit.”

And while he acknowledges that he needs to be careful to prevent further injury, Nixon said it simply wouldn’t be his nature or his style to play the game without the tenacity that has led to those bangups. “I can’t change the way I play,” he said. “The ability that God has given me and the motivation to develop from my high school years to now… it’s hard to turn that off.”


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