Jan 22 2007

24 Day 6: 10am – 11am

Possible Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

With the nuclear weapon detonated in Valencia killing all within a 1 mile radius, the terrorists still had planned on detonating 4 more nuclear bombs. However, since the device that configures the bomb was blown up with the blast, it will be interesting to see who they will try to get to recreate it.

The President and the joint chiefs were moved down to the White House bunker for protection. While they were down there, President Palmer told his assistant to set up a press conference to address the nation about the nuclear bomb in Valencia. Jack was asked by a man who was in a helicopter crash to help his friend stuck inside.


One of the Admirals voiced concerns about the state of the American people and that they should bomb the noted countries back to the stone age, however, the President disagreed. Assad was brought to CTU to be questioned about Fayed and the terrorist attacks. Assad gave the name of a Russian General that Fayed may have called about the bombs. CTU checked on the name and other contacts in the LA area. One name shot to the top of the list, Jack’s father, Philip Bauer. Jack wanted to go and talk with his father in person about his relationship with the Russian. When he called to see if he was home, Jack found out that he wasn’t. Jack got his brothers address to see if he could find his father. It turns out that Jack’s brother is actually Graham (Day 5) who was the leader of the “blue tooth gang” and co-conspirator with Former President Logan. Walid Al-Rezani, advocate for American-Islamic relations, got one of the prisoners to open up to him so the FBI wired him so that they will be able to record the prisoners conversations.

President Palmer spent time setting up how he is going to address the nation and coming up with a speech. Tom wanted to put fear in the people but the President disagreed. After helping CTU with information, Assad was sent to Washington. Walid got in with the prisoners and with the wire on, he was trying to get information about Fayed. Jack went to visit Graham to get information about their father. Jack punched Graham, tied him to a chair and started strangling him. Meanwhile, President Palmer addressed the nation about the nuclear attacks. Jack asked for the truth about their father’s location and when Graham didn’t give Jack the answer he wanted, he put a plastic bag over his head and suffocated him.

Next Week: 11am – 12pm ALL NEW
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