Jan 29 2007

24 Day 6: 11am – 12pm

Possible Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

As the episode opens, the President addressed the nation on the nuclear bomb in LA. Tom has a problem with the way that the President spoke to the American people. Tom authorized actions without Presidential consent. Tom feels that Karen is trying to get in his way of emphasizing policy to the President. He asks Reed Pollock, a savvy political operator based in the White House, to get evidence against Karen to make her disappear. Jack broke Graem (Graham/Gray) and he told Jack where his father was and who was involved with his father’s company.

Nadia got her clearance from CTU taken away for being of middle eastern descent by Homeland Security. Walid got more information from the prisoners and he found out about a cell phone that they brought into the prison. Tom got evidence against Karen and Bill and asked her for her resignation in the next hour.

Milo logged Nadia into the computer system under his name so that she could work more quickly and get the information she needs. Karen told the president she resigned but wanted to be transfered to LA. Tom is trying to take over and make the president think his ways.

Walid stole the cell phone and called CTU to have them do a background check on all of the numbers and contacts. Chloe found that the prisoners were not part of the terrorist group and they wanted to remove Walid from the situation. He was attacked because the prisoner realized that he lost the cell phone. Walid was on the ground being kicked and punched until the guards broke it up.

Jack took Graem into the building where Darren McCarthy worked. There was a noise in the other room and Jack went to go investigate. Guys held a gun to Jack and were about to shoot him when his father walked in to stop them. Jack brought Graem into the room and because of the situation, he went to call CTU when Graem ordered the guys to stop him. Graem took Jack and their father hostage and walked them outside. The CTU agents who were outside waiting were killed by Graem’s men and then Jack and his father were taken into a van.

We don’t know where Jack being taken to, but tune in next week to find out during 12:00pm – 1:00pm

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