Feb 05 2007

24 Day 6: 12pm – 1pm

Possible Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Tom tries to get President Palmer to sign off on a plan to allow American’s of Middle Eastern descent to be put into detention centers even though Palmer denied it earlier in the day. Karen ignores Bill when he tries to get an explanation for her resignation. The men who have Jack and Phillip Bauer brought them to an undisclosed location. Jack and his father disarm the men and kill them. Jack calls Bill to tell him what happened with Graem and to setup a parameter around his house. Darren McCarthy contacted Fayed with the name of someone who can reconfigure the nuclear weapons for him and Darren said that he will have the person within the hour.

CTU intercepted the message between Fayed and Darren and they are trying to find the location of the call. Jack and his team raid Graem’s house and take him into custody and prepare him for interrogation. Jack started to talk to Graem’s wife about the situation and she tells him what she knows. Jack and Burke start to interrogate Graem and when he lies about what he knows, Jack tells Burke get the interrogation briefcase.

Morris’s brother Timothy was in the area of the bomb and was taken to the hospital for radiation poisoning. Bill told Jack that there was nothing yet on the hard drives taken from Graem’s house. Graem did not tell Jack where Darren is and started giving Graem the IV which put Graem in horrible pain. Graem confessed to everything from the order to assassinate President David Palmer to the killing of Tony Almeida, Michelle Dessler and the terrorist attacks. Jack kicked him to the ground and was about to kill him when his father walked in.

Sandra Palmer was visiting Walid in the hospital and President Palmer called her. Jack told Bill that his brother was trying to cover up his involvement with the conspiracy, but he did not know where Darren McCarthy was. There is a chopper being sent to pick up Graem and Phillip to take them back to CTU to be debriefed.

Morris got the computer to start restoring the scrabbled image and headed off to check on his brother. Tom contacted the Vice President to go over the plan which he thought was a very good idea. When the President started talking, he explained that earlier when he was presented with the plan he rejected it because it went against the constitution. Then he said that after further review, he rejects the plan again but in front of the the entire cabinet. The Vice President was very upset over this and wanted to have others give their input but the President denied the request. Back at CTU, the computer finished unscrambling the image and it was a photo of Morris. Darren setup Morris to grab him on his way to the hospital. CTU contacted Morris to have him turn around. McCarthy grabbed Morris and put him in his car and drove off. Darren called Fayed and let him know that he will be there soon with Morris, but he is only delivering him, he is not going to make him reconfigure the bombs.

Meanwhile, Phillip asked to speak with Graem before he was taken to CTU. Graem and Phillip are still hiding their involvement with the nuclear weapons. His father was letting Graem know that Jack is not finished with him and he was afraid that Graem was going to break once at CTU. Graem said that by confessing, he will do some time but the company will continue. Phillip was nervous about the situation and gave him the full IV drugs and then held his hand over Graem’s mouth so he wouldn’t scream. Phillip then exclaimed that Graem had a seizure. Acting very upset, his father was going to hold CTU responsible if Graem died.

Next week: 1pm – 2pm & 2pm – 3pm (2 hour event)

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