Feb 12 2007

24 Day 6: 1pm – 2pm/2pm – 3pm

Possible Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Jack took a helicopter to the ambush site and Bill informed Jack that Graem died but they don’t know all of the facts yet. Chloe had to be relieved of her duties because she was upset over Morris. Jack followed McCarthy in his silver BMW and was chasing them down the streets while they were trying to get away. Jack lost them under a bridge, during which McCarthy was trying to steal a new car. Darren McCarthy’s girlfriend killed Darren and took off to the location where Fayed said to meet with Morris. Since CTU doesn’t know about her, she will not have any problems.

President Palmer talked with Tom to make sure he was on board with his decision. Tom met with Reed to vent about the situation and Tom wanted to resign. Reed made a call to a contact to explain the situation but their intentions need Tom to stay in so that they will have clearance. CTU was trying to figure out what car McCarthy took. Bill spoke with Marilyn to tell her that Graem died from a heart attack. They found McCarthy’s body and they are trying to trace a call that he received that they think was from Fayed. Morris was taken to Fayed so that he could reprogram the bombs but Morris said that he wouldn’t do that, then they beat Morris multiple times.

Milo couldn’t get information so Chloe asked if she could try and get it. Chloe gave Jack an address for him to check. Assad meet with President Palmer and he told Assad that if one more nuclear weapon goes off, there will be no peace agreement. Wayne asked Assad to go on television and make a statement to the world and ask for information about Fayed. Jack made CTU set off the fire alarm to get everyone out of the building where Fayed was staying. Fayed took a drill and drilled into Morris’s back. Fayed then killed Darren’s girlfriend when Morris said that he would do what he asked.

Tom asked Reed if he wrote out his resignation and Reed explained a new idea that would allow Tom to stay on. Reed wanted a change in leadership and removal of President Palmer so that the Vice President could take office. Reed suggested that immediate action be taken and Tom explained that what he was implying would be considered treason. Morris was trying to program the device while CTU was ready to ambush the 6th floor where Fayed is. Morris was told to arm the nuclear weapon to see if it would work. Just as they were about to kill Morris, CTU attacked Fayed’s safe house. They secured the all of the terrorists except for Fayed. Jack was taken into the other room where the nuclear weapon was located. As Jack opened the suitcase, he informed CTU that there was a problem.

Chloe explained to Jack what he needed to do to disarm the bomb. Jack was successfully able to disarm the bomb. Morris informed Jack that Fayed may have taken the device with him and he could arm the other nuclear weapons. Tom decided that he was not going to resign and that he understood what Reed was talking about.

The helicopter carrying Fayed landed at a unknown location where the three other nuclear bombs were. CTU found an email fragment that Fayed had with Russian General Dmitri Gredenko. Jack went to talk with his father about his connection with the General. Chloe checked on Morris in the infirmary where he took responsibility for arming the bomb even though he was tortured. Phillip called a contact and told him to kill Gredenko so that his company wouldn’t be implicated. Bill asked Jack to sit down and explain the situation with Graem and how he died. Jack told Bill that he wanted his brother dead and he takes responsibility for his death.

President Palmer had a phone conversation with Vice President Noah Daniels. The VP insulted the President on his stance and Wayne told him that the conversation is over. Tom met with Reed in a secure area to talk about his plan and Reed requested Tom to consider definitive action against the President. Tom wanted to know who else is involved and Reed told him that he didn’t need to know. Reed wanted Tom to get the President’s schedule even though Reed wouldn’t explain why.

Jack met with Marilyn Bauer and she told him that she does not blame Jack, but Graem. She was trying to leave Graem for years. Jack mentioned to her that they were looking for the Russian General and she told him that Graem was going out a lot and she followed Graem to a house. Phillip started talking with Marilyn and told him about the plan with Jack. Phillip wanted to take Josh (Graem’s son) back to his house to be “safe”. Phillip made a phone call to his contact to make sure they get to the house before Jack does.

Chloe tried to convince Morris to help her with backup. Phillip called Marilyn to tell her that if she didn’t do what he asked, Josh would be dead. Phillip gave her a new location to go to and not the one that she was taking Jack to originally. Phillip took Josh to a hotel for a while but Josh knows that he is being lied to. Jack and the CTU team broke into the house and found a bomb that blew up while they were in the house, but Jack made it out. Men chased Milo and Marilyn and started chasing and shooting at them. Milo crashed into a wall and they hid behind the truck. The men stated that they need Marilyn alive. Milo put a grenade in the van and they ran away as it blew up. Jack woke up and when he realized that the truck blew up, he called for an EMT, but he didn’t realize that Milo and Marilyn weren’t inside.

Next week: 3pm – 4pm
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