Feb 13 2007

PACE & PSU bring “Tom Sartori Band”

Tom Sartori Band @ PSU
Prospect Hall serves up some good music is from The Clock (Plymouth State Newspaper) by Josh Boardman.

Avid poker fans will recognize his name from the 2005 World Series Poker tour. He finished 26th of over 5000 people and won over $300,000 in the largest poker event ever. PACE did not bring Tom Sartori to campus to show students how to play poker though. Instead he and his band came to entertain as musicians.

The band came to Plymouth State University last Saturday night to at Prospect Dining Hall. Students let out a dull roar as he played one of his popular tunes, “One More Whiskey.” Thunderous applause arose from the students, most of whom were eating their dinner in the dining hall. Many felt the band had a laid back Dave Mathews Band feel.

The performance began with Sartori and his band telling the story of how their car and trailer had flipped over only a few weeks before. Fortunately, they still made it here to play an awesome show. The attendance was small, so many missed out.

The only complaint the band had was how cold it was outside. This was surprising since most of the guys are from Buffalo, N.Y. They went on to say, though, tell that they had been in Florida for the last month. To add enjoyment of the tale, the band members described their trip to Plymouth State. Apparently, they traveled here in a white “soccer mom” minivan.

If applause was any indication, everyone loved the show. However, those who missed the show can still experience Sartori’s music at his band’s MySpace website at myspace.com/tomsartoriband.

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