Feb 15 2007

Laughs erupt for Comedian Johnny Walker

Johnny WalkerPACE brought Comedian Johnny Walker as our entertainment for Winter Carnival Week. He is a comedian that also sings songs parody’s about Political Humor and other edgy subjects.

Whether he was ranting about Pakistanis in Guantanamo Bay or a song about severe ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) he had the crowd in the HUB MPR laughing throughout the show. His Natty Lite Song (tune of Satellite by Dave Matthews) was very close to the hearts in a room full of college students. Even though some of his jokes were very borderline, the response was taken well. However, there were a few jokes that some students needed to think about for a minute before more laughs were had.

Due to the fact that he was playing in New Hampshire, he wrote a song for us to the tune of Wonderland by John Mayer. “New Hampshire is a wonderland” made the crowd excited for he was talking about places and things from the state where PSU students go to school and where some of them live. In this song he sings about drinking, the “Old Man in the Mountain”, weather and other interesting material that can be used about New Hampshire.

I would highly recommend Johnny Walker for any college campus around the country. He is originally from Connecticut and currently lives in L.A.

On his myspace page, he has videos and pictures of different appearances.

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