Feb 17 2007

Return of the TV Shows

Since I got my DVR, I have been able to spend more time watching the TV shows that I enjoy because I don’t need to watch them when they premiere. These are some of the shows that I have been addicted to lately. Hope you enjoy them as well.

24 (Twenty-Four): Monday, 9pm on Fox

Prison Break: Monday, 8pm on Fox

Numbers: Friday, 10pm on CBS

Standoff: Tuesday, 8pm on Fox

The Apprentice: Sunday, 9pm on NBC

Family Guy: Sunday, 9pm on Fox

Studio 60: Monday, 10pm on NBC

Heroes: Monday, 9pm on NBC

The Unit: Tuesday, 9pm on CBS

House: Tuesday, 9pm on Fox

Ghost Whisperer: Friday, 8pm on CBS

Friday Night Lights: Wednesday, 8pm on NBC

The Class: Monday, 8:30pm on CBS

How I Met Your Mother: Monday, 8pm on CBS

Jericho: Wednesday, 8pm on CBS

ER: Thursday, 10pm on NBC

Shark: Thursday, 10pm on CBS

Survivor: Thursday, 8:00pm on NBC

The War At Home: Thursday, 8:30pm on Fox

Grey’s Anatomy: Thursday, 9pm on ABC

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