Feb 19 2007

24 Day 6: 3pm – 4pm

Jack calls Bill to let him know that his team was down and he needed medical attention. Milo tried to create cover for Marilyn to run but she didn’t leave when Milo was shot and the guys who were after them took them as hostages. Jack found them and shot 2 out of 3 of them and took the other one to question. Jack grabbed Marilyn and questioned her about the safe house. She told Jack that his father said he would kill Josh if she didn’t divert them to the other house. Jack called Bill back with the correct location and wanted a tactical kit and when Bill asked why, Jack said it was personal.

Chloe wanted to check on Morris to make sure he was still able to work. Nadia explained the situation to Chloe and Morris but Morris took it the wrong way and verbally attacked Nadia. Morris said he would be fine if he took a walk. Jack talked to Marilyn into finding Phillip but she was hesitant. Marilyn was on the phone with Phillip trying to figure out his location. Phillip told Marilyn that if she didn’t finish the job than Josh would die, but Josh overheard. Josh wanted to leave and go get a soda but Phillip didn’t trust him. As Josh was about to leave, Phillip pulled out his gun and said, “No one’s life is worth the destruction of everything that I have built…Now step away from the door.”

Tom met with Reid in a secure location to give him the President’s agenda. They planned that once a specialist is in the bunker, they were going to kill the President. They are going to blame Assad for the assassination attempt. Tom met with President Palmer to talk about Assad’s speech. Morris went to the corner store to buy a red bull, cigarettes and Whiskey, but as he was walking out, he downed the Whiskey and then threw it back up. Chloe called Morris to ask him where he was and he said he was on the way. Jack set Marilyn up with a bulletproof vest and started up the stairs where Phillip was.

Morris walked back into CTU and went to check on Milo and said that Milo did a good job. Tom finished up meeting with President Palmer and headed out. Reid told Tom that the order needed to be complete before the specialist got there. Reid left the room and Tom called an agent and said that he needed to meet with him immediately. Reid overheard and punched out Tom and told him that he can’t be trusted. Reid stole Tom’s access card and then called the agent and that he doesn’t need to meet with him. They checked the location that Jack gave them and it was owned by a Russian. Chloe confronted Morris on drinking alcohol but he denied that he was drunk. He then told Chloe that getting back to work is the best medicine. Chloe told him to go to work and then call his AA sponsor. The teams were ready to attack the house and Bill gave them a go. As they went in the house, they found that no one was there. Jack and Marilyn took the prisoner into the room where Phillip said he would be. When the room was empty, Phillip called the hotel room and told Jack that ever since he was younger, he didn’t trust him. Phillip help Josh hostage with a gun to his head. Jack wanted him to make a deal with the government but Phillip didn’t believe that he would get immunity. Jack said that if he lets Josh go, he would surrender.

Milo confronted Chloe about Morris drinking and Chloe explained the situation. Jack left Marilyn in the stairs to wait for Josh. He headed up to where his father was waiting and walked out with his hands up stating he was unarmed. Jack walked into a room where his father was waiting with Josh. Phillip asked to see Jack’s ankles for a gun and then told Jack to take one step for every one that Josh took. Jack was alone with his father in the room. Phillip stated he never meant for this to happen. Phillip was blackmailed by Gredenko for his role in the assassination of President David Palmer. Gredenko is a radical nationalist who wanted to preserve an arsenal for when the Soviet Union would be reestablished. Phillip didn’t know that Gredenko sold the bombs to Fayed until after it was detonated and he was looking for Gredenko ever since so that he could stop Fayed. Phillip told Jack that he is a patriot and never wanted this to happen. Phillip said that it was Jack’s fault for turning his back on him. Phillip told Jack to get on his knees and held a gun to the back of his head. Jack apologized for what he did but he needed to go his own way, not his father’s. Jack was waiting for his father to shoot him and when Jack turned around his father was gone. On the ledge outside the room was a phone with a number for Jack to call. Jack called the number to find out that it was Charles Logan. (Former President of the United States charged with treason and for his role in the assassination of David Palmer – Day 5) Logan told Jack that he wanted to meet with him to talk about Gredenko since all of his leads were out. Logan told Jack to come alone and that he was looking forward to meeting with him.

Next Week: 4pm – 5pm
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