Feb 26 2007

24 Day 6: 4pm – 5pm

The episode started with Fayed taking the bombs to the location that Gredenko is at. President Palmer met with the Ambassador and explained to him why Assad is working with the President. Palmer requested that the Ambassador get the support of the Prime Minister to Assad. Jack told Bill about his father’s involvement and wanted him taken into custody. Jack also wanted a helicopter to take him to see Charles Logan who is on house arrest at his retreat. Reid let a man into the bunker who came to kill President Palmer with Assad taking the fall for it. Reid told the man that there was no need to kill Tom and they would take care of it later.

After Reid sent a message to someone on a laptop he left the office and was stopped by someone asking where Tom was. Nadia was wondering if she should pull Morris by the way he was acting, but decided to keep him on under watch. Jack landed at Logan’s retreat to talk with him about Fayed and Gredenko. Logan told Jack he could help him but that he would need to go through back-channel contacts. Logan told Jack that he would speak with the Russian Consulate General.

Jack called President Palmer to request a temporary pass for Logan not to be on house arrest. One of Gredenko’s men brought him a device that the US government was working on and that the taxpayers were paying for. Morris was taken off the project because of the situation but Morris pleaded his case and Bill kept him on even though Nadia objected. Reid just realized that they were about to kill the President of the United States.

Nadia confronted Chloe about her view on Morris and Chloe covered for him but then went to talk to him about the situation. Morris explained why things weren’t complete and Nadia’s problem with him. Charles Logan was getting ready to leave and picked up a US Flag pin and gave himself in the mirror. Bill asked Chloe to . Morris’s sponsor called Chloe to inform her that she hasn’t spoken to Morris in three years. Chloe barged into the men’s bathroom to confront him and he explained what happened. Morris then dumped out his leftover whiskey. President Palmer signed Logan’s release statement and then asked where Tom was. Tom told Reid that he has to stop the man from killing Palmer. Tom told Reid that he was against the plan from the beginning. Reid and the man built the bomb that was going to kill the president made out of an audio recorder. Reid needed to take the bomb to the podium where President Palmer was going to be standing and was given the detonator using a PDA.

Reid looked scared as he headed to the podium and passed people who looked at him weird. He approached the podium and put the bomb in place as the President walked in. Assad thanked the President in advance for what he is doing. The President asked Reid where Tom was since he couldn’t contact him. Tom while tied up turned on the heat to the pipes to get someones attention, but the man stopped him. Reid left the room and went to set off the detonation but some of the fluid leaked and Assad found it before it blew up. He yelled bomb and jumped off the podium but it was too late. President Palmer and Assad were down and hurt and the secret service requested a medical team.

Next Week: 5pm – 6pm
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