Mar 05 2007

24 Day 6: 5pm – 6pm

David Palmer was taken into a medical area in the bunker from the explosion. Jack takes Charles Logan in a car going to the consulate. Bill calls to inform Jack of the assassination attempt on President Palmer. The Vice President was informed of the situation and that he would take the role as President. Vice President Daniels wanted to meet with Tom for a full briefing but nobody can find him and they put out an alert to look for him. Reid talked the man out of killing Tom and then went over to talk to him. Reid explained the situation and tried to convince Tom that it was necessary. They released Tom and once he was found, he walked a little and then told the Secret Service to arrest the man and Reid for the attempted assassination of President Palmer.

The Vice President called Bill to ask why Charles Logan isn’t on house arrest anymore. Jack and Logan get to the consulate and Logan asks to meet with the consulate by himself. Logan talked to Antone about the bombs and that they were provided by Gredenko. Antone told Logan that the nukes were destroyed through the treaty (Day 5 reference). Logan just wanted the location of Gredenko but Antone said he didn’t know. As Charles walked out, Antone called Gredenko to inform him that the government is on to him. Jack wanted the driver of the limo to drive through the front gate and have Chloe make it look like a grid failure. Charles told Jack he spent 2 years in a Chinese prison for violating a consulate and that he shouldn’t go back in.

At Andrews Air Force Base, Karen Hayes got a call from Bill to let her know whats going on and Karen said she was going back. VP arrived at the bunker and they told him about Tom and the situation. The VP wanted to meet with Tom alone and they got in an argument about Assad. Jack hopped over a fence to get in position to go into the building. Jack questioned the Antone and took him hostage. He then called Bill to let him know what he did but because it was Russian territory, CTU couldn’t sanction what Jack did. All Jack wanted was for Bill to let the White House know the situation and that he wasn’t leaving until he got Gredenko’s location.

VP Daniels sat down at his desk and got a call from Bill telling what Jack did and then he got a call from the Russian President who was upset. He said that if the agent didn’t back down, he was going to use diplomatic resources to retaliate. Jack was talking with Antone when he caught him in a lie and interrogated him some more. Jack cut off his finger and was about to kill him when he gave up Gredenko’s location. Just as Jack was going to call Bill to give him the details, the Russian guards blew the door down and took Jack into custody.

The Vice President spoke to the American people and explained the agenda that he is going to push forward and that it is going to be a treat to civil liberties. Morris hacked into the Russian server and found out that Jack was captured. Jack tried to tell the the man who was holding him of what Antone told him and asked him to call CTU to let them know of Gredenko’s location. He called CTU to tell Bill what Jack told him but was killed before he could warn CTU.

Next Week: 6pm – 7pm
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